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The Kola mining and metallurgical company will upgrade

3 September 2017

The company intends to engage in the construction of new railway lines. Railing plan in the city of Monchegorsk. They will be located at the site of the industrial zone. The cost of construction is estimated at 27 million. The area of this transport system will be about 9600 square meters. And the total length of the paths will be of 1,300 metres. Start this project because of increased production. This year the volume of produced mining and metallurgical products increased significantly. Train paths are required in the production process to move raw materials. New track will also provide a link between departments for the supply of intermediates. Their production is carried out at various stages of the production process. Also, with the train tracks made delivery of products to the final consumer.

In 2013, Kola MMC has been updated development Strategy of the enterprise. It includes methods to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Also, the company produces the reconfiguration capacity and reducing operating costs. The result of the reconfiguration of the reconstruction of steel production and economic growth.

At the moment the active phase of modernization of the company. Industrial area in Monchegorsk has become one of the largest factories for the refining of Nickel. Production of Nickel during the modernization has increased by 50%. In a year the company produces approximately 165 thousand tons of Nickel. To make the production process more efficient will help planned an extensive transportation system. To pave the path is planned parallel to the existing one.

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