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Electrozinc: updating sulfuric acid plant

30 August 2017

«Electrozinc» in the midst of creating a new absorber of the sulfuric acid fumes in the shop. Currently undergoing finishing work and Assembly capacity for acid. It uses a special acidproof brick. In this case, the Assembly of the flue — of the new sanitary pipe. She is 72 meters and will be launched in autumn 2017. The total number of purchased brick was 13.8 tons. The choice is made according to the characteristics of the whole mechanism. On completion of these works will begin the reconstruction of housing an absorber (absorber). The final is scheduled for October. The functionality of the upgraded facility will begin at the end of this year. For reproduction of the project allocated 186 million.

Work on updating the absorber are the final stage of the reconstruction process of the site. Here is the removal of sulfur from exhaust gases of nonferrous metallurgy. It is necessary for the safety of the environment from harmful emissions of the industry. In 2010−2016 was carried out another upgrade shop. When it established cartridge filters, contact apparatus, and the intermediate absorber. Created a new tower for washing and drying. The update mechanisms have helped reduce the level of damage to the ecology. The potential for significant contamination was reduced to the maximum. 2017 the company is also dedicated to such events.

New absorber acts as a steel unit similar to a column. In elevation it is 13.5 m and a diameter of 4.5 m. It absorbs sulphur dioxide from the exhaust gases when producing zinc. The absorber is equipped with modernized equipment, characterized by the highest level of security. This will increase the degree of efficiency of gas purification to almost 100%. The normalization processes in the shop is guaranteed by the reduction of the hydraulic resistance.

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