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The winner of the award "Autocomponent of the year" Chusovoy metallurgical works

4 September 2017

According to the results of the award «Autocomponent of the year» title winner received the Chusovoy metallurgical plant. It is located in the Perm region and is part of the OMK. The plant is honestly won in the nomination «Leader of the Russian market autoriser» for the second year. His main merit is the reconstruction of all the equipment and adding new parts. They held events to marketing to exit the domestic market of the brand. The plant produces leaf springs for cars Springer. This was established engineering schemes. CMW has agreed with the global automotive companies to supply their products. This is an experimental batch of springs to the Assembly lines of Ford, Volvo, etc. Before sending to export them carefully check. It meets all of the stated standards.

About the brand «Chusovskaya ressora» you know, many foreign enterprises. His fame he deserved due to quality products. CMP is engaged in export of proven products created by qualified professionals. Staff is exploring innovations in the market, and what types of springs demanded. The plant is continually updating their equipment. Innovations are accepted according to customers ' requirements. Own brand allows you to occupy more space on the market. It competes with other domestic producers and foreign. Winning this award is not the limit. CMP hopes to conquer new peaks. To do this will be through enhanced development of its own technology. Manufactured products will always achieve the highest level of quality.

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