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Mining and processing complex of Magnitogorsk turned 86 years old

19 September 2017

This production is part of the Magnitogorsk metallurgical combine. It is an innovative system that provides furnace plant raw materials. Mining complex includes the mining shop and factory processing ore. It includes the sintering, crushing and roasting and other shops. Used for the preparation of sinter blend of raw materials.

For a long period of time, the plant was reconstructed. Modern methods implemented in production, helped to increase the sustainability of production. The ability to filter sulfur dioxide was 90%. This has reduced emissions of volatiles at 250 thousand tons per year. Also my job start setting for intercepting sulfur. The company has equipped three new sinter gas cleaning systems. They allow 100% filtration even with a full load of production. Was the replacement of outdated equipment and equipment with more modern.

This year it is planned to put into operation a stationary car dumper. It is in the shop for the preparation of sinter blend of raw materials. Also in 2017 began the construction of a new sinter plant. Its production capacity is estimated at 5.5 million tons chilled agglomerate. For the project it is planned to spend about 23 billion rubles. The new structure will allow further modernization in various fields. Production is expected to improve in accordance with the norms of ecology. Also will change the structure of raw materials for blast furnaces. The iron content in the sinter to increase to 58%.

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