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Uralelectromed is to export products in a new container

16 August 2017

Uralelectromed is implementing a new project. Its task consists in the preparation of containers for transportation of export products. The new capacity will fully meet the requirements of international standards. The preparation of the packaging will be done in the repair shop of the enterprise. For this purpose, will be carried out special treatment of wooden packaging. This involves a new drying chamber production. The capacity of the unit is 80 sq. m of lumber for each process. If we consider the cost of equipment, it reaches 8.2 million RUB.

An opinion was expressed by Vladimir Telnov, head of the repair shop. According to him, the camera is put into operation based on international standard No. 15. Standard «Phytosanitary measures» designed to prevent the spread of dangerous organisms. They are kept in wood, which must be carefully handled when conducting international trade. During operation, the camera continuously confirmed their safety and reliability. The unit consists of two compartments. The capacity of each is 40 square meters. This allows for drying together with the phytosanitary treatment. However, it can affect not only the mounting material. It can be pallets intended for export finished products.

The camera work is similar to the effects of the Finnish sauna. The device includes two heaters, three strong fan. When carrying out drying in the compartments circulates warm air. Passing through the wood, it kills insects, bacteria and fungi. Supply and exhaust channel helps to remove excess moisture. For the processes conducted surveillance by an automated system. It turns on and off the heaters by adjusting the temperature.

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