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Electrozinc is planning the construction of a new plant

20 August 2017

Ended the fourth round of talks between the UMMC-Holding institution CINF, China. Technical dialogue concerns the question of the design and construction of a new plant at the enterprise Electrozinc. We are talking about the construction of another section of the electrolysis of zinc in Vladikavkaz. In the shop planned annual receipt of about 96 000 tons of zinc-aluminum alloy in conjunction with commercial Spelter zinc. In 2017 it is planned to complete the development of documentation and project development for the construction of electrolytic zinc area. In developing the next phase of construction was held the meeting of experts UMMC-Holding and elektrotsink with Chinese partners. The meeting received a proposal to develop a detailed engineering. Specified supply of equipment for the shop.

To address issues in the Sverdlovsk region there have arrived representatives of the Chinese Institute of nonferrous metallurgy CINF. The delegation was headed by its Vice-President Yano Suetsune. According to Alexander Sturza meeting touched on the most important aspects of the preparatory phase. Were considered technical parameters of equipment communications. It was determined the location of the main technological equipment of electrolytic separation and smelting area. Resolved the issue with the technology, equipment machinery parts restore anodes, sdirki zinc cathode. Discussed the installation of induction furnaces, casting of metals and alloys. There has been a layout decision in relation to the production sites of zinc powder anodes, refining dross.

Process the basic equipment of the electrolysis Department and a melting site of CINF will provide by the end of August this year. The project of construction of the new plant was developed on the background of the need to reduce the impact of production on the environment. The production capacity of the existing electrolysis plant reaches 110, 000 tons of zincannually.

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