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A new project at Kola MMC

28 August 2017

Kola MMC completed the establishment of the crane trestle. This allowed us to rationalise the use of vehicles and lifts in the shop melting. The new equipment will allow to save production process from unnecessary downtime. In the main span of the building now operates 3 new overhead crane. Exploit them when you add raw materials to converters and spill Feinstein. Latter is obtained by melting. Supervision and maintenance are in accordance with current regulations. Conducts quarterly ongoing renovations. Of course, this is not very convenient. When repairing the valve, which is in the middle, moves that stops the side of the crane. Thus, inhibited all the work in the shop.

Creating overpasses from cranes will help to eliminate this problem. The new equipment is attached to the main body of the Converter. It is 34 m high, 30 m wide and 31.9 m in length. The selected parameters allow you to operate all the cranes and maintenance Department. On the overpass are attached to the four winches, each with lifting capacity of 20 tons. They have to get up from a crane over the rails when necessary. Thus, the work is sent other two taps. The project envisages the creation of a specialized zone for the repair of the cranes. It normalizes the use and maintenance of cranes. Working in the shop will not be affected by the regulations.

Not far off the beginning of the installation of new equipment. On the structure are mounted four pivoting crane that can lift up to 3.2 tonnes. Also fitted with two hoists capable of lifting loads up to 5 tons. The project is estimated at more than 120 million rubles.

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