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The gradual increase in production of stainless steel

27 August 2017

ISSF has shared information about the production of stainless steel worldwide. According to the data, the total volumes amounted to 11,763 million tons. During the year, the figure rose by 14.5%. In comparison with the last year period from October to December, it dropped by 3.5%. In the first phase of the study considered the steel company of China. Their production volume amounted to 6,225 million tons of steel. During the year, the Chinese growth figure was 19.4%. But compared to the previous three months it fell by 9.2%. Share of global production in Asian countries (except China and South Korea) amounted to 1,992 million tons. Comparing with the data for last year’s first quarter, growth amounted to 6.5%. In comparison with the last quarter, there was a decline (0.1 percent).

European companies in the first three months of this year increased production. They managed to reach the level of 1.98 million tons. The producers exceeded the previous quarter by 8.4%. During the year the increase is 6.1%. In the United States for the first quarter of this year compared with the same period of the previous figures increased by 36.2%. The volume of production amounted to 0,721 million tons of stainless steel. In comparison with the fourth quarter of 2016, also swept an increase (of 10.8%). The production capacity of other regions increased by 845 thousand tons, or 6.4%.

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