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Norilsk Nickel: production must be environmentally friendly!

23 August 2017

Of Kola MMC included in the MMC Norilsk Nickel is completing the repair work in the smelter. We are talking about the plot, which is sulfuric acid. However, the acid in the metallurgical sector is the product side. The main objective of this process is to reduce the negative impact of production on the environment. Generation acid is the disposal of waste gases of the melting shop. The cost of the renovation project amounted to about RUB 25 million.

Every year during the month repairs, increasing chemical resistance of the lining, evaluates the status of the main and auxiliary equipment. Replaced kislotoproduktion, flues. This year, the company repositioned the cooling lines acid. The procedure will allow to increase the efficiency of drying and absorption section. The company not only increases the degree of utilization of waste smelter, but also repair equipment of BOF vessels.

The greatest positive impact on the environment is having a sweeping elimination of Norilsk Nickel obsolete technologies from the production process. Previously in the procedure of roasting copper-Nickel concentrate output of sulfur dioxide reached 25−40 thousand tons. Modern technology implemented at Kola MMC allows for briquetted concentrate. The level of the contained sulphur is higher than in pellets. Accordingly, when the processing in the smelter resulting sulfur dioxide is more saturated. It is easier to capture for later disposal.

As a result of implementation of these measures in the melting area has managed to significantly increase the level of utilization of the exhaust gases. For the seven-month period this year Kola MMC has exceeded the production of sulfuric acid by 9.3 thousand tons.

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