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In the "Titanium valley" will create a new production machining

24 July 2017

In the «Titanium valley» will create a new production machining. His erection will technodynamics, a rostec. Their intentions on the project of machining of die forgings from titanium, the company confirmed the documents. They signed a Memorandum of understanding on the implementation of this project. The second signatory was made by the authorities of the Sverdlovsk region. Additionally, the management of the «Titanium valley», the company is negotiating with the technodynamics, starting in 2015. When conducting INNOPROM-2015, the parties entered into the framework agreement on mutually beneficial cooperation. Over the next two years, the project of machining of forgings of titanium was studied in detail. Potential resident was defined nomenclature and developed technological production plan. Also approved the financial model. The cost of the project according to preliminary estimates, will exceed RUB 2 billion.

According to Igor Nasenkov, Director of «the Company», the final processing along with the production of titanium components is an important phase of activity of the holding. The project implementation allows to count on the full import substitution. It is also expected to increase volumes of exports of major aircraft companies. The second stage of «Titanium valley» is being implemented on the basis of the airport «Uktus», adjacent territories. In General, the area of «Titanium valley» will reach approximately 100 ha. of Authorities with the management company are working on the application regarding the establishment of phase II. Once finalised it will be submitted to the Ministry of economic development. The amount of funds allocated by the regional government to purchase private lands in the period of 2016−2017 years was 202,44 million RUB. In June, the government of the Sverdlovsk region approved the amount allocated for infrastructure. It amounted to 300 million RUB.

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