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Belarusian steel works is looking for new buyers of rebar

23 July 2017

Metallurgical plant Belarus for the production of rebar will be forced to send the products to other markets. This situation is against the background of the duties established by the European Union. About the coming redistribution of supplies said Anatoly Savenok, General Director of BMZ. The new strategy developed by the specialists of the plant will allow to redistribute the vacant volume of goods in other directions. Anti-dumping investigation in the European Union was initiated by Polish producers claim. Anatoly Savenok, commenting on the situation, noted that the plant has not produced a supply of poles for a given period. We are talking about 2013−2014, rebar is not passed by value. In 2015, when the plant returned to Poland, he immediately became a party to the investigation.

On the one hand, European Association «EuroFest» have good aim. It was a relief activities of local producers. However, the Germans ignored the Polish market, coupled with the Baltic. The reason is that domestic prices of Germany — they are significantly higher. As a result, these markets began to enter the Russian products. And you can doubt the low cost of their products. However, the investigation ended with the imposition of duties against imported Belarusian rebar.

According to Anatoly Savenko the world, a wave of anti-dumping lawsuits and investigations. In 2015−2016, an increase in quantities of various protectionist measures. In America, spend analysis, imports of wire rod, are considered goods of the ten countries. These include Belarus, whose share on the fixture does not exceed the boundary of 2.4% of the national product. This indicator is also below the established 3% «safety level». So duty is a clear violation of the basic rules of the WTO.

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