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RMK will reduce the environmental burden

18 July 2017

We are talking about the reduction of the environmental load at Karabashmed. To this end, the enterprise will be modernized equipment. This refers to the techniques allowing to reduce the environmental burden. With this goal before the end of the current year, Karabashmed will launch a new area of mechanized processing of rough copper — its filling. The premises will install the carriage of the filling system. Aspiration involves the shelter provides an opportunity to utilize the weak gases of metallurgical processes. The area is also planned to install new Kumera converters. The capacity of each is 150 tons, appliances equipped with gas-tight, suction napilnikom. It is assumed that the equipment installation will be completed in late 2018. Plans and replacement of the gas cleaning system. Plan to install adiabatic gas coolers, dry electrostatic precipitator for containers.

RMK plans to not only upgrade. The company will be engaged in the reclamation of tailings ponds. It was built in the Soviet period. Reclamation will eliminate the environmental damage that accumulated production throughout the twentieth century. Today almost completed the preparatory phase of the project reclamation. In the framework of the engineering work developed by the documentation and assessment of impact on the world around us. Then followed by a validation of the EIA. The next stage is public hearings. Completion will be the holding of state ecological expertise. The cost of development and subsequent approval of project materials amount to more than 7 million RUB. Equipment modernization will provide increased production capacity. The annual volume of produced rough copper will be around 150 thousand tons.

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