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Svyatogor started renovated the smelting unit

11 June 2017

OJSC Svyatogor has finished repair works in the melting Department of its metallurgical plant. The overhaul affected reverberatory furnace number 2, which after the works have been newly commissioned. The cost of repair of the equipment amounted to over 100 million RUB. Chief engineer stressed the uniqueness of the furnace for smelting the modern national industry. Means a construction, which built the oven, used on the Band. The paper is always one instance of a reverberatory furnace. Accordingly, a need for its safe operation. In addition, the equipment must handle the entire preset volume of production. The Band is matte production is 900 tons per 24 hours. At this time, the second oven is warming up, or undergoes constant renovation. Considering all the factors, it can be argued that the repair of the furnace is not only important but also costly in terms of money, time, effort.

Repair of the equipment was conducted in four departments. In the works were involved about 200 people. The unit was shut down in early 2016. The turnaround time before that was over fifteen months. Repair reflective unit lasted over 12 months. The duration of the period due to the fact that the unit was almost completely dismantled. Accordingly, during the overhaul was essentially built a new furnace. Thanks to new approaches managed to improve cleaning and cooling of gases. There was also increased operational period of the refractory chute of the furnace. His appointment the results of the matte — melting product that contains copper. For the construction of the new unit was used 1 thousand tons of refractory bricks and about 160 tons of steel.

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