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Briefly about the program of rare earth metals Russia

6 June 2017

The Minister of industry and trade of Russia told TASS details regarding the program of rare earth metals, which became operational in 2011.

According to Manturov, she began to run in Russia when the Chinese cornered the market associated with rare earth and rare earth metals. This caused the increase in value to $1,000 per kg of product. Later, China eased its position on this market. As a result, the cost decreased to $160 per kg of product. Falling prices made the program of the Russian Federation less profitable. However, this project is still considered viable.

Thanks to rare earth metals is implementing the latest innovations. According to Manturov, the Russian Federation promptly took up issues related to rare earth metals. Thanks to attraction of investments, support production subsidies for research and development, began the implementation of large deposits of rare earth metals Tomtor. In this mine the ore containing significant amounts of rare earth elements.

The main task is obtaining of rare earths concentrate. Developed this technology for 5 years. Manturov said that in 2018 plans to begin mastering the Tomtor Deposit. The process of mining of ore will commence from 2019 — 2020 will allocate a concentrate, using monazite sand. Obtained ore will be sent to the Siberian city of Chita, where the branch of the company Rosatom will deal with the allocation of concentrate from the ore. It should be noted that in the process of producing a concentrate is formed by-product is thorium. Thorium is a natural element, it is not radioactive when it is in a natural state.

Then after getting the concentrate, according to the announcement about this program Manturov, the state brought a new mission. Will need to find a way of implementing ore in the energy sector. The project of the Russian Federation are not one in the world. Analog similar developments are also Americans, Indians, Chinese.

The Ministry of industry and trade, Rosatom, Academy of Sciences joint efforts will develop the technology to build reactors, based on this element.

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