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At Gaisky GOK will improve the quality of research of raw materials

12 June 2017

Gaiskiy GOK purchased new equipment, which will speed up the research of ore and improve the quality of the process. Mineralogical analyzer is intended for specialists of the Central research laboratory. It is used to study material composition, the rate of detection of raw materials, products of enrichment. It cost more than 10 million RUB. The new equipment will allow to detect up to 5,000 different minerals. Analyzer in standing automatically calculate the distribution of valuable items by taking into account class size. It also compares the data of the mineralogical and chemical studies. One cycle may include mineralogical analyses of multiple types of minerals.

The microscope is equipped with a camera. It will display all the resulting images on the computer screen, saving them in memory automatically. Accordingly, the experts will be able at any time to double-check or compare the data, returning to already conducted research. The information obtained to improve the efficiency of extraction of useful elements from ore. Given that the plant Gaisky GOK recycles a variety of materials with different composition and percentage of metals, it is more than the desired purchase.

In addition to purchasing equipment Gaiskiy GOK is going to allocate RUB 100 million on geological exploration. Today the asset of the GOK includes 5 search areas. They are all located in the Orenburg region. Each site is conducting certain operations. Each field has a number of features. Accordingly, the approach to each of them must be individual. This year Gaisky GOK intends to invest in exploration agreed amount.

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