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Prediction of the scrap metal on the market in 2017

5 June 2017

In Hong Kong, held a conference on the issues of the market of scrap metal. So according to a member of the Committee for the processing of ferrous metals the Volumes of Baird, the market for metal scrap in 2017 is optimistic prospects.

The demand for scrap metal will be stable, but you should monitor the export of Chinese scrap metal. This was said Tom bird.

The Indian subcontinent’s States most dependent on the Chinese market for scrap metal. Since the market of metal scrap were foiled because of China, despite high tariffs of the Chinese government for the exportation of ferrous metal.

At the conference in Hong Kong also noted that the scrap market of the United States of America during the year will be stable, will have a good demand.

Market forecast of steel scrap European countries to 2017 is also positive. Prices will be relatively stable, settled. Nevertheless, expected lower prices for the Turkish market. The possible reduction of cost will be associated with the traditional feast of Ramadan. The state of the scrap market of European countries will improve. Turkey, Spain, Italy there will be a situation with the buyers. As in recent years, these countries lack consumer ready production.

However, the representatives of Scandinavia at the meeting, noted that the Turkish market expects a decline in prices by about $ 10 per ton.

The representative of the production from Europe metal scrap supported the opinion about the possible reduction of prices on the scrap market in Turkey. However, in his opinion, the annual Ramadan, held in Turkey, is unlikely to affect the market of scrap metal. He justified his point of view the fact that in recent years the Turkish festival has never had a significant impact on the scrap market.

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