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Plant Svyatogor finally repaired reflective unit

4 June 2017

The plant of «Svyatogor» was introduced for copper production reverberatory furnace repaired. The repair of this equipment the shop has cost more than one hundred million.

According to the chief engineer of the plant A. Meteleva, reverberatory furnace No. 2 is a unique equipment in the Russian Federation. In production, typically operating only one melting unit. So it should be technically fixed, no damage. It should be noted that it released as much as nine hundred t of matte per day. At the plant there is one such oven. But, it may be defective, or be in a heated condition. That is why it is very important that this unit was in working condition and able to function.

The overhaul is reflective of the stove did more than two hundred workers 4 sections of the plant. The unit ceased to perform work functions in the past year. This stove before the overhaul worked for 15 months (overhaul time).

According to the Deputy head of the plant Svyatogor A. Feoktistova, due to the absence of human error during work on the unit managed to extend the life of the stoves twice.

Reverberatory furnace has been repaired more than 12 months. The duration of the overhaul due to the fact that the melting unit is almost completely disassembled. We can safely say that reflective stove re-erected.

Thanks to the overhaul, improved reverberatory smelting, namely, the improved purification system and cooling gas. A refractory masonry of trap, is for issuance of finished products have become much longer to serve.

Updating reverberatory furnace used more than 1000 tons of refractory brick manufacture of «Magnezit». Also used steel — 160 tons of various types of profile.

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