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The company sell Nyrstar Campo Morado mine

20 June 2017

The Belgium company Nyrstar plans to sell its zinc and copper mine at Campo Morado. The decision is justified by the fact that the mine is idle since December last year. The purchaser is a company Telson Resources, Canada. The cost of the transaction has reached 20 million USD in cash. In addition specified a certain amount. Its size will be determined by the price of zinc on the global market in the next few years.

By the way, not the only Campo Morado mine, replaced the master. At the beginning of last year, Nyrstar sent to auction almost all of the mining assets located in South and North America. The purpose of such action was the desire to focus on the development of refined zinc, lead. The company also planned to increase profitability in terms of reduced cost of raw materials. The transfer of rights to the Campo Morado — the penultimate deal of the company held in Latin America. Now owned by Nyrstar was only located in Mexico, the Pucarrajo mine.

Despite active sale, to get rid of two canadian and one American mines, the company failed. Its representatives announced the intention to resume production of raw materials. We are talking about mine Middle Tennessee in the United States. He was stopped in December 2015 in the same time as Campo Morado. The production capacity of the mine is about 50,000 tons of zinc concentrate annually. Her company plans to release in November 2017.

Representatives of the company Telson Resources reported on plans for the speedy return of the Campo Morado mine in operation. In 2014 the field is operated without stops and interruptions. During this period it produced 22.5 thousand tons of concentrate of zinc. Copper was obtained about 2.5 thousand tons.

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