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Buruktalsky Nickel plant with an altered title will now be smelt bloom

22 June 2017

Svetlinskaya ferronickel plant almost finished upgrading. Since August this year, the organization plans to do work associated with the smelting of chicken. Kritsa, containing in its composition of ferronickel, is produced from ore (Buruktalsky field). About these plans it became known to RIA «orenburzh'e».

Steel company started upgrading two years ago. The enterprise was stopped because the price of Nickel was low. Also it was affected by an outdated manufacturing process. At that time, the plant has aroused the interest of the enterprise VI holding. The reason for the interest in this enterprise was Buruktalsky field. Using the ladle method, the company wanted to get from this field ferronickel. This decision was carried out through the support of the Governor of Orenburg region Yuri Berg.

Thanks to him, the owners Buruktalsky Nickel plant, the company’s VI holding, it was decided to use a new technology in the factory (may 2015). Then began upgrading technology (August 2015).

Last year the plant started supply of new equipment. In this regard, Buruktalsky Nickel plant became known as the Svetlinskaya ferronickel plant. Also created and registered a new company — Buruktalsky Nickel plant — the pilot production.

Now Buruktalsky Nickel plant updated equipment, which made a successful trial melting.

In addition, OOO «Svetlinskaya minerals» was held on the restoration of the equipment. Was carried out repairs of excavators, bulldozers, made the installation of a new crushing complex.

From August 2017, the company plans to start production of chicken containing the elements of ferronickel.

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