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Uralelectromed installs new equipment

18 June 2017

Vitriol the shop of the plant of Uralelektromed equipped with a new plate heat exchanger. Commissioned unit made by a domestic manufacturer. After the introduction of equipment using recycled water was reduced to 20%. This liquid is used in the production of copper sulfate. Thanks to the highly effective equipment that is embedded in the technological chain, significantly reduced energy costs. Also increases the economic efficiency of manufactured products. The project cost has reached 3.5 million RUB.

The company receives copper sulfate, processing electrolytic copper spent solutions. The procedure is performed by evaporation of moisture followed by the deposition of crystals. The process is possible thanks to the vacuum crystallizer. It is required to maintain the rarefied air of determined concentration. The higher the level, the greater the amount of crystalline copper sulfate are able to. This new heat exchanger provides the necessary rarity of the air.

If you compare the new unit with shell-and-tube equipment, the benefits are undeniable. The heat from the steam to the liquid is transferred by means of corrugated plates. Thanks to them, the heat transfer process is far more intensive. At the same time reduces the overall consumption of waste water, the difference reaches about 100 m3/hour. Should take into account the smaller dimensions of the heat exchanger. Thanks to them, saving space and simplifying installation of the equipment. As an added bonus, the automated control system implemented on the shop floor. Its purpose is the control of the main technological parameters.

The technology of production of copper sulphate used Uralelectromed is unique. Thanks to her mastered the production of six grades of products. Each of them has its own particle size distribution and chemical composition.

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