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Taganskii authorities suspect metallurgists in dishonest activities

3 April 2017

Province Hebei initiated the verification of the metallurgical companies. Extraordinary Analytics obayaniya caused by the industrial situation in the region. Authorities fear the continued growth of the steel industry. As a consequence, this resulted in the increase in the number of harmful emissions.

The Central government gave permission for an extraordinary inspection of the metallurgical companies. Province in the people’s Republic of China became the initiator of check. According to the government Habee, they are afraid that entrepreneurs continue to increase production capacity. This leads to a large amount of harmful emissions into the environment. This information was submitted to the Agency Reuters referring to the notification. The latter was sent to traders in the province.

The document was issued one of the special departments of the authorities of the area. He is responsible for restructuring processes in the metallurgical industry. According to the testimony of the sources of Reuters, the inspection has already started. Checked the first metallurgical enterprise in the city of Tangshan.

Tangshan came to the fore in proclaimed in China the war with polluting emissions. The authorities of the city, located a hundred kilometers East from stolic, are serious. Annually at the enterprises of the village produce approximately ninety million tons of steel. The top 10 most polluted cities in the Republic of Tangshan ranked third. In the top-5 also includes Xingtai, Sissakian, Handan and Jinan. The first three belong to the province Hebei, and the last to Shandong province.

Earlier this year the government was given a promise to close production capacity. All, according to them, should be closed 8.6 million tons of capacity. With 2013 already disposed of about 32 million tons of production capacity.

In the province of Hebei promised to reduce production capacity in the industry. By the end of 2020, they agree to close facilities that they used was less than 200 million tons per year. In comparison with 2013, when they were equal to 286 tons, it is much. Only for the current year to closure prepare 15, 5 ton capacity.

But in spite of that, organizations for the protection of the environment, led by Greenpeace, are not satisfied. They say that in China continue to increase metallurgical capability. They are confident that there is not restrain their promises. The world steel Association is also record growth in the manufacture of steel products in China.

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