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In Magnitogorsk will be upgraded production capacity in tridtsatisantimetrovaya rental

26 March 2017

Metallurgical plant of Magnitogorsk plans modernisation processes. They will affect the production of rolled hot rolling with a thickness of 35 cm.

The update will give the possibility to significantly increase sortimentu line of production. All this will be possible thanks to products with high margins. According to the plans of the management unit, the project will be finished by the end of this year. At this time, invested all the work, including modification and installation. Also the plans will guide the commissioning process for installing equipment.

Nowadays the continuous casting machine are manufactured of plate sizes from 19 to 30 cm In the future I want to start making more and such, the thickness of which is 35 cm Width slabs will remain standard at any thickness, and will be 270 cm.

To supply equipment and develop technologies for the contract for the works will be SMS Groups. Volumes of supplies of the company for a continuous casting machine includes many factors. Among them all kinds of engineering and improved cooling systems for MMK. The contract includes adaptation to the work of all automated systems. And of course the improvement of processor models and installation of all equipment will be provided by the company.

Meant for plates the maximum thickness will increase the lift of the roll. At present 32 cm, he will be 37 see the Main way to achieve this would be to upgrade the system bends and displacement of the roll Sivisi. It is also necessary to install new pads and adjust the system balancing. Smgroup among other things organizes the delivery of new models of the second level. They are suitable for heating furnaces and improve the technical part of the machine for hire.

Modern complex manufacturing crassifolia products include a range of different machines. The first of these is used to create high quality products for different industries. Such industries include oil and gas, shipbuilding, bridge construction and engineering sector. Also there has one of the most powerful main parts of the rolling mill in the world. Maximum rolling force in it is 120 MN. Smgroup put it to the beginning of 2010, and this is the first Russian crate system Sivisi.

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