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Ukrainian steelmakers have commented on the prospects of the production situation in the country

22 March 2017

Factories in the field of metallurgy in the spring of this year to reduce the volume of work. Steel production will decrease at least 15% comparing with last year. In numerical indicators from two million to one million seven hundred thousand. This information is shared on the website «Ukrmetallurgprom».

April production plans in this field is also far from rosy. To reduce production of rolled want to one and a half million tons. In turn, the smelting of iron, reduce the rate to one million five hundred thousand tons.

However, such indicators will be observed in the case of freezing of the current situation in Corgo and metallurgical complex.

Over the winter this year, the production ranged from 91 to 98 percent year-on-year. Pig iron was produced 3.5 million tons of steel 3.8, and rental — three million three hundred thousand million tons.

The decrease in the production of «Metallurgproma» Ukraine explain a number of reasons. Among them ceased to work in connection with the blockade of the railway. So in the uncontrolled territories ARDILA stopped three companies. Among them MK in Alchevsk, Yenakiyevo steel plant, and «Donetskstal». The first enterprise was closed on the thirteenth of February last, the twenty — sixth.

In addition, some companies experience a shortage of raw materials. So in connection with the blockade of met complexes in Mariupol and Dnipro are in need of metallurgical coke.

Completely stopped the activities of the coking plant in Makiivka. The same plant in Yenakiyevo supports the production at a minimum. It is from 20 to 40 percent of usual. In addition, ultimately the extended periods of coking and shipment of coke.

Their problems are observed in the coke plant in Avdiivka. Electrician to company put on with a thermal power plant in Moscow, which is located in the occupied territory. Now, however coke works in the coals, which it is possible to put under control of the regions.

The average volume produced per day of production by almost 10 percent less than in February.

«Ukrmetallurgprom» in his own way commented on the volume of production. In the operating state is 61% furnaces, that is, seventeen out of twenty-eight. Working converters has 62 percent, thirteen pieces. Also the paper 78 percent of open-hearth furnaces, or 7 units. And 38 percent of electric furnaces. Of the eleven idle blast furnaces, four are in reserve. One of the furnaces to be overhauled, and six out of work in connection with the blockade. In addition, there are seven furnaces at long-term preservation, i.e., do not work longer annual period.

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