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Escondida will continue its activities after the 35-day strike

21 March 2017

The world’s largest company mining, Biache Billiton lost more than $ 700 million. The reason for this was lasting for 35 days to protest large-scale complex Escondida. The company plans to quickly complete the strike process in Chile.

Marcello Castillo — President of the industry — commented on the situation. Now the company is examining its legislative options that would in the shortest possible time to resume work. Among others are considering the option of change the working group. The company thinking of hiring new workers in place to stop their work.

For a start it is planned to resume work on a pair of key portions of the mine. They are not associated with the ongoing discussions, the people working there not one of the strikers. The total amount of people on the strike amounted to two and a half thousand. Before full resumption of production at the firm plan to carry out renewal work.

These words were spoken on radio co-op on the incident on Monday. The Union then refused to return with the guide to the negotiation process. It is not the first failed attempt to resume the negotiation process led to the negative sentiment. Among the people increased fear concerning sales and changes in the value of copper.

The strikers accuse of Hungary in the absence of wage growth. This company is the owner of the mine and 57% of the shares. In addition, according to the strikers, the owners are trying to cancel the bonuses and surcharges. These rules apply to separating on their own people.

The company has put the charge to employees. Miners accused of neglect of equipment and causing damage.

Last month was even declared a force majeure on the mountain complex. This became the impetus for the increase in the price of the material. The cost then was a peak in the spring of 2015. However, the price growth slowed down existing stocks of copper on the stock exchanges in London and Shanghai.

On the Escondida have already been the strike in the beginning of the two thousandth. It lasted twenty-five days in 2006. The current salaries were regulated a few years ago. Rate of copper was then just over three dollars per pound.

Escondida provides jobs employment full time for more than ten thousands of people. In the province of Antofagasta in Chile produces about 5 percent of the world’s copper reserves. According to forecasts of the size of the production in 2017 will make more than a million tons.

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