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In Russia for fifteen years, the productivity of Steelworkers increased by almost three times

23 February 2017

For fifteen years in the Russian metallurgy has undergone qualitative changes. Significantly increased the quality of manufactured products. In addition, the industry has experienced structural changes. Such conclusions were made by local non-profit organization «Russian steel». The organization analysed the development of the industry in the period 2000 to 2015.

According to the data obtained, for fifteen years, the steel industry has received significant investments. This in turn resulted in the growth of competitiveness of the Russian metallurgy. Significantly increased the demand for Russian steel products in the country and abroad. In addition, qualitative changes allowed to ensure not only current but also future demand.

For fifteen years, metallurgists have been able to significantly reduce the depreciation of fixed assets. Significantly expanded range of products. Happened modernization in the methods of steel smelting and casting. All this, in General, had a positive impact on the quality of steel and other products.

Was calculated the total amount of investment of the non-commercial partnership «Russian steel». Between 2000 and 2015 in the Russian steel industry has invested almost two trillion Russian rubles. However, experts of «Russian steel» noted that the downward trend in investment. So, beginning in 2012, financial investments slowed down.

For the period, per ton of steel consumption decreased by twelve and a half percent. Increased productivity at all metallurgical enterprises of Russia. For fifteen years this figure increased by 2.6%. In 2000, the annual productivity per employee amounted to 66 thousand tons. By 2015, the figure increased to 173 thousand tons.

«Russian steel» — an Association of the largest steel producers in the country. The partnership was founded in 2001. The purpose of the Association is the implementation of joint projects and protect the interests of local producers. The joint work of the partnership members is non-commercial.

Members of the partnership cover 98 percent of the Russian market of cast iron. In addition, participants «Russian steel» produced 90% of all Russian steel. Sixty per cent of iron is also accounted for by «RS». In addition, in the hands of the members of the partnership are concentrated in the production of raw materials for metallurgical production.

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