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The collision of the Indian metallurgists and machinists: the conflict in the financial sector

26 February 2017

A few extreme months suffered a substantial loss for Indian auto parts manufacturers. The cause of these events was the change in the cost of key material — steel. Paying attention to this, the auto manufacturers in India made a public statement. In it they told about unfair work of metallurgists of the country. According to automakers, factories for the production of steel give the wrong data in the statements. Cost figures in the report indicated higher than required for production.

Angry automakers went up to the local managers with a formal petition. It was pointed out that they require a detailed verification of costs in metallurgy.

While referring to latest data it becomes clear that the worst situation for Mashinostroiteley of the state of Ludhiana. G. C. Capone, President, Indian Association of parts, it was noted that unexpected spikes in prices led to the collapse of many machinists. The worst position in all of this is exactly Ludhiana. The reason for this state of Affairs are about the costs of steel production. In their opinion, the cost sotovyh data high. Recalling and focusing on these indicators, metallurgists inflate the price of their products. In our days it is important the authorities ' reaction to such actions. A similar method is used in metallurgy for many years. It is necessary to create proper Commission, which would engage in a test company and explore all the reports.

Association of small industries, headed by President Answeered Tukaram responded to everything that happens. The President bent to the position of manufacturers of automotive spare parts. He focused on the fact that the government failed to closely monitor the price change in the steel market. Over the last quarter prices have changed in a big way several times. The consequence of this behaviour was the increase in the cost of parts for vehicles. While inflation and the gradual loss of precious metals money features make the price increase machineprofile threat.

Answeer also noted that one of the key problems is the lack of control by the state. Low level control of audits of the private sector is in second place. In India it is now more important than ever control of the law in the sector of industry and production. For not the biggest producers of parts for cars support from the state is now extremely important. It is thanks to her they will be able to develop and stay afloat.

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