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China stop the import of coal from North Korea

22 February 2017

The Chinese government announced the termination of the procurement of North Korean coal. It is assumed that imports from North Korea will be closed, at least until the end of the year. Thus, China is depriving the Pyongyang’s main source of foreign currency from abroad. According to experts, it is a kind of punishment for Korea after testing another missile.

In an official statement published on the website of the Ministry of trade says: «We temporarily stopped the import of coal from North Korea. The decision applies to applications that were already submitted but not yet processed.»

The site also States that this decision shall enter into force on the seventeenth of February. Stop the import of coal, is implementing existing UN sanctions.

The Chinese government’s reaction comes just a week after the last missile test. The reason is that such actions increased the tension because of the action of Korea violates the UN resolution.

At the same time, North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN is actively consolidating its power. Despite growing pressure from the international community caused by the missile and nuclear programs of Korea.

After harsh criticism of the UN security Council, China, as one of its members had to react.

On Monday, at a meeting of the UN security Council, missile tests Korea was named as an unprecedented violation of the resolutions. At the same meeting, it was decided to take significant action against North Korea.

Government of Korea responded to the statement from the UN. The government has defended its missile programme. In addition, were expressed sharp criticism of the resolutions of the Organization.

After North Korea launched missile tests, the UN has introduced six packages of sanctions against the country. The first sanctions were imposed in 2006.

However, Beijing has not ceased to export coal from Korea. Noting that the sanctions include humanitarian exemptions. In October of last year, China bought coal worth over a hundred million dollars. Thus, China became the main source of foreign currency.

The latest UN resolution aimed in the direction of North Korea was adopted at the end of last year. She was expelled the humanitarian benefits. Therefore, Chinese authorities had to suspend the supplies of coal.

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