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The Russian pipe industry can compete with the market leaders

6 February 2017

Throughout the year, pipe enterprises in Russia have been actively developing import substitution. Objects of construction in need of complete set of tubes of large size were two of the pipeline. Only for these objects in total for the year has shipped eight hundred thousand tons of pipes.

Ivan Shabalov, Chairman of the coordination Council of the Association, said: «the Main thing that happened during the year — full replacement of imports of large diameter pipes for „Gazprom“ projects. Now the construction of gas pipelines is carried out only with the help of Russian tubes. Another achievement has been the transition from import substitution to his advance. This means that Russian companies have begun to produce high-quality products. She can compete with the industry leaders».

Thanks to the Russian Gazprom pipes could renounce their Japanese imports for their facilities. According to the Association of enterprises have started to produce for churning and other production facilities.

Gazprom signed a long-term contract for the production and maintenance of import-substituting products. Because of this, under the guaranteed volumes of work, the specialists mastered the production of new products. Thus, the enterprises engaged in production of casing, tubing kompressah and compression pipes. Now coming to the end of the test on the sedimentary tubes of an alloy of chromium and Nickel.

One of the Russian industrial giants of the Chelyabinsk pipe plant expands production. The enterprise will produce pipes of stainless steel, and will also start production of pipeline fittings.

Severstal, another local giant, develops technologies for the production of cold-resistant steel. Pipes of this material are used for transportation and storage of liquefied natural gas.

According to the agreement with Gazprom, Russian companies start producing pipes with polyethylene monolayer coating. For this type of product notable was the use of Russian raw materials for manufacturing. Companies have developed and launched the premium types of threaded connections.

«Gazprom» has initiated a number of audits. Their goal is to test the possibility of using Russian tubes for the production of bends with a large bending angle.

Association work does not intend to stop on achieved results. Research to improve the quality of Russian products continue.

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