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The government of Canada is concerned about the possible politics trump the market began

5 February 2017

The government of Canada in anticipation of the steps of the new US President. Now Canadians are closely watching the new government’s work at the White House. It is primarily concerned with the steps in the trade area, which may have an impact on the steel sector.

One of the main observers of the politics trump the canadian member of Parliament Erin Weir. In Parliament Weir is the city of Regina-Lewvan, here the main employer is Evraz stee. This steel plant engaged in manufacturing of large diameter pipelines. They are used for the energy sector.

In an official statement, Weir said: «it is Known that Donald trump has repeatedly stated that the dumping of Chinese products in the USA. But the same issue is present in the metallurgical market of Canada. However, we hope to establish a normal work, instead of having to fight against the U.S. trade measures.»

This week in Regina-Lewvan happened in Congress government. There, officials discussed the future of the industry during the presidency of Donald trump.

Weir also said: «Trade policy in Canada and the United States was under real threat. The reason for the precariousness of trade relations was the choice of trump as President. In addition, the policy of the new us President — a real threat to canadian social democratic party. All this is forcing us to review our policy and update political movement».

Erin Weir believes that at present relations of the States and Canada in the interests of both countries.

The representative of the canadian government said that now from Canada requires caution and care. Since the work of the administration trump aimed at the recovery of trade in America, not harm Canada.

Today, the state of the canadian steel industry is in a state of crisis. The reason for this is the influx of cheap Chinese products. Possible protectionist measures from the us can drive the industry into a deep depression. Canadian politicians are not interested in the «cooling» of trade policies between countries.

The population of Canada made numerous protests against the policy of trump. One of the manifestations of the hatred of the new President of the United States was the addition of the American flag.

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