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On the Chinese trading exchanges there is a "price frenzy"

1 February 2017

China’s trade exchanges continue to set price records. On Monday the iron ore price peaked in 2014. On the stock exchange Dalian per ton of raw material requested 657,7 yuan. Approximately, ninety-five American dollars. In comparison with the last week, the price of iron ore increased by eight percent.

Iron ore prices reached record highs after a rise in price of coke, coking coal and steel. Which, in turn, rose after the official statement of the Chinese authorities. It stated the intention to increase the number of planned eliminate excess and obsolete facilities. This gave rise to disturbances and price fluctuations on the stock exchanges of China.

On the Shanghai stock exchange has been a significant rise in prices of steel rebar. On Monday, the price per ton of product was launched with a mark of 3 375 yuan. During the day, was reached a peak price mark of $ 3 418 yuan.

Speculation with futures for steel and iron ore are the most popular tools stock fraud. Those who engage in artificial increase of prices for raw materials, have been able to earn huge capital.

Last year, there have been speculative high prices for steel and other raw materials. And at least twice the regulator of the stock exchange in China limited stock sale. Because there was a real threat of collapse of the market.

Speculation on the stock exchange with the price of iron ore indicate the presence of significant quantities of raw materials in ports. Where a value close to the historical maximum. According to analysts, at the end of last week the quantity of ore reserves was 118,15 million tons. This is the maximum that was last recorded in 2004.

One of the Singapore traders commented on the situation: «there are No objective reasons for this madness. What is happening on the stock exchange, it is impossible to explain».

At the same time, changed the price of ore, which was available in Chinese Ciando. Here, a ton of raw materials from sixty-two percent iron content was eighty-one dollar.

This week is the final work of the Chinese trading exchange. Because, trade will be interrupted at the time of new year celebration in China. There is a possibility that after the holidays the hype around raw materials will decline.

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