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Global construction and metallurgical plans of Vietnam

27 February 2017

Noah Phosphate Groups, which is one of the largest industries in Vietnam, outlines the major construction. Implementation of the plan want to produce in the province of Quang Ngai. It is considered one of Central in the country. Estimates for the project, according to primary estimates, is not less than three billion dollars. Noah Phosphate Groups reported that they wanted to build a dozen of this type of facility. The purpose is simple and obvious to anyone who is interested in her. This method in Vietnam want to minimize subjection to its production from suppliers in China.

The CEO of the organizing company said that the planned minimum capacity of newly established industries will be considerable. According to preliminary calculations, she is about 4 million tons per year. Over time, however, the factories want to increase and gradually bring it up to 6 million tons/year. Such manipulation will allow to reduce import of Chinese raw materials up to sixty percent, or by about 18 million tons.

In the media also appeared information about the financial side of the question. The complex will bring the company about two billion dollars. Taxes will be paid almost one hundred eighty billion in the same currency. But in addition, a large number of new jobs. Their estimated number is not less than eight thousand.

Vietnam is actively implementing a plan to increase production in the country. The reason for such actions was an unfortunate situation with two firms from Taiwan. Problems arose when the country has launched a new enterprises of metallurgical focus.

Last summer was the frozen project of Guang Layan Steele from Taiwan. The cost of funds was more than four billion dollars. Stop the project occurred a decade after the issuance of the license. According to official data, the reason for the freeze was not quite the proper execution of the task.

Another project metallurgy from Taiwan froze after a disaster in the field of ecology. The assurances of the authorities of Vietnam, this disaster was the worst in the history of the country. The Vietnamese project company Formosa Plastic rated not less than B11 millions of dollars. However, last year occurred the exposure of the company to excessive release of toxins. It triggered huge ecological disaster. The incident brought with it a extinction of a large number of fish and considerable economic losses in several provinces.

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