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How long they will last scarce situation in the coated rolled steel in Russia

1 March 2017

Some extreme years, the markets in Russia through the lowering of import of rolled with the coating. However, despite this, production has not decreased, but rather increased. But still in the period of active repairs every year there was a shortage of painted steel. In the warm season the demand for galvanized and painted coating is highly increased. The local production could not cover demand.

But 2017 could change the situation in the manufacture of a dyed and rolled. The two largest project for the creation of this type of product announced the extension. Are launched a new production line.

After a few months, in the summer, will come into force a new line in the city of Magnitogorsk iron and steel works. It is planned to significantly increase production capacity. About the digits capacity is five hundred thousand tons of rolled, zinc coated. Parallel will run the shop coatings.

Their plans are also shared in Cherepovets metallurgical plant. He is considered to be another giant in this field. The plant wants to run a fuel line for zinc plating. Annual production volume is planned at least 400 million tons of finished products. In addition, I want to run the unit for creating a coating polymer. The annual maintenance will be about two hundred thousand tons.

Bronze medalist of the list — the plant in Novolipetsk — in 2016 have begun to expand production. In the course of modernization was launched HDG. In addition to this, there are a number of companies have already tested the new line in Russia. For this reason, in 2017 are going to introduce a number of lines that have produced Bicycle coated.

It is estimated that the production of such goods over the next couple of years should be increased. It is planned to jump over the mark of half a million tons.

According to analysts, this year people will see a growth in demand for coated rolled steel. Only last year was used by at least five million tons.

But despite this, the threat of oversaturation of the market with goods of this type is not excluded. This means that the situation otzerkalivat lack of will replace the surplus.

In the issue of import there are also some problems. Products the most part of production is not competitive. The giants of the production in this field can enter the global trade. But smaller factories will suffer from an overabundance of products.

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