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Steel prices are rising due to the increase of the enterprises for raw materials

5 January 2017

According to reports Internetinal MEPS for 2016, the steel price rose, especially noticeable was the fall.

Only in December of this year has risen by more than a third compared to December last year. The main impetus for the rise in prices was a sharp increase in prices for rolled steel. According to experts, growth of prices will occur next year. This is due to the rising costs of metallurgical enterprises.

Over the past few months the price of coking coal rose by more than three times. Now the price ranges from three hundred dollars per ton. The price of iron ore is in the range of eighty dollars per ton.

Manufacturers have already announced the increase of prices in the following months. Thus metallurgists want to compensate for high costs. The producers hope to recoup the costs at least partially. For the current month cost of goods sold has grown by almost seven percent.

The rise of product prices in the EU and USA boosts two main factors. First, this trading activity. Secondly, the lack of a competitive price for your import. In addition, more stringent conditions of supply from abroad. So, most likely, consumers will accept higher prices. That would provide the required amount of products. Although, earlier buyers are quite reluctant to accept the rising cost of steel products.

Estimated MEPS Internetinal in the following months the price of steel will be strengthened. It is assumed that the price growth may still be observed in the near future. Since it is assumed that customers will replenish their stocks. But if the world market will not happen significant changes, the trend is unlikely to last long. It is likely that long-term growth in steel prices will not last long. But now factories are working at full capacity, due to the large number of orders.

With the beginning of the year, steelmakers, particularly in Europe have attempted to raise the cost of the finished product. But it was possible to implement it only after the rise of coal prices in November.

Perhaps the rising cost of slightly stabilizes the position of European manufacturers. Europe steel industry has undergone a serious crisis. Now there is a slight remission, which gives hope for the eventual exit from the crisis.

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