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Russian steel will protect you in court

4 January 2017

The Ministry of economic development of Russia said that the government intends to defend the interests of steel producers in court. If the United States has set final anti-dumping duties for steel. The Russian side will sue the WTO (world Trade Organization).

In March of this year, the U.S. imposed preliminary duties against some steel producers. Including the measures referred to and the Russian metallurgists. In particular, industry leaders, NLMK and «Severstal». For NLMK, the compensation margin of 1.04 percent. The margin for «Severstal» — more than thirteen percent.

Today in the United States continues the investigation into the dumping of the Russian suppliers. If the result will pass the decision not in accordance with the WTO rules. The Russian government intends to defend its interests in court. In the case of this development, the dispute will be dealt with in two stages. First, compulsory consultation of the parties. The second step in resolving the dispute — a complaint by the arbitration Commission. Which must be a specialist in international trade and law.

Russian analysts are confident that the US will do anything to delay the process of consideration of the appeal. Perhaps only for the creation of an arbitration Commission will require at least a year. In addition, it is likely that the U.S. side will submit the cross-appeal. It will consider the special Appellate body (Geneva). Their decision will be final.

Analysts are convinced that the States want to delay the process. Thus attempting to delay the possibility of compensation to the Russian side. The only thing you can expect — cancellation measures.

Experts say the European Union, China and the United States have repeatedly used the tactic of introducing anti-dumping measures. After that, the above-mentioned countries struggling from defend. And then, when tightening is impossible, cancel the action. Thus, these States are trying to solve problems. Sometimes the process could drag on for five years. This time is sufficient to protect the domestic market. And due to the imperfections of the WTO rules, to pay damages is not necessary.

It is worth remembering that on 4 August 2016, the EU imposed duties for Russia and China. Its term is five years. Russia has declared its intention to go to court. But most likely, the results of complaint consideration the impact of political factors.

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