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China wants to abandon coal

6 January 2017

The Chinese government announced plans to reduce the use of coal. The program lasts for three years. Instead of coal industry of China will gradually be transferred to environmental sources of energy.

The plan for the energy sector implementation of energy sources not polluting the environment, was initiated in 2016. In total consumption the share of coal should decline in the coming three years.

According to representatives of the government, the share of non-fossil fuel must reach fifteen percent. Of the natural gas in the energy sector of the country should be ten percent.

At a press conference held on Thursday, Lee Janze, Deputy Director of the National energy administration, said: «it is Assumed that the number of natural gas and non-fossil energy sources will reach sixty-eight percent. Thus, environmentally friendly fuel sources will be the main industry of China. The program was launched last year. And by 2020, the plan must be fully implemented».

The representative of the National energy administration said energy consumption in coal equivalent will reach five billion tons. And if in the period from 2011 to 2015 the annual growth of energy consumption was 3.6 per cent. In the next three years the figure will be two and a half percent.

In addition, China and reduces the production of fuel. As you know, thanks to the coal industry of China was able to make a revolution. And currently, China is the largest consumer of this fossil. To reduce the dependence of producers from coal will have a positive impact on the economy. In addition, the environment of China is in a critical condition. So, inhabitants of capital can’t go out without gauze bandage. Wealthy Chinese are purchasing the cylinders with clean air from other countries.

China’s example was followed by other States. In November, forty-eight countries signed the agreement on the refusal of the coal industry. The transition program is calculated till 2050. The transition to safe energy sources need to slow the process of global warming. On the initiative of Germany, the UN organizes counseling office in Washington. Where countries will be able to get advice on transition to safe energy.

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