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Iran is ahead of India in production of direct reduced iron

9 January 2017

Iran continues to remain in first place for the production of direct reduced iron. The country is in active rivalry with India, which is trying to take a leadership position. According to analysts, next year, significant changes in the situation did not anticipate. This forecast is due to the high plan for the production of crude steel in Iran. According to media reports India does not intend to lag behind, and will also improve performance. This creates some uncertainty in the future outcome of the competition.

Sponge iron — another name for spongy metal are made by direct reduction of iron ore. The latter can be used in the form of particles, okatyshi or granules. In addition to ore in the process of production using coal, natural gas and solid carbon. For the period from January to November this year, production of iron had reached fifteen million tons. During the year, the product manufacturing in Iran grew by almost eleven percent.

In India we saw the opposite situation. Regardless of the fact that steel production has been increasing. Indian factories reduced the production of iron by fifteen percent. Figure annual production of direct reduced iron amounted to thirteen million tons. The reason lies in the changes to environmental legislation. In this regard, the Indian company was often used instead of scrap iron. India uses the technology of manufacturing sponge iron by using coal gasification. And it is known that negatively affect the environment.

Iranian manufacturers are confident that within 2017 would be able to hold palm. The key to their confidence serve as advanced production technology. In addition, Iran has huge reserves of cheap gas. This greatly simplifies the manufacture of sponge iron. «Iran has huge gas deposits. But other countries are buying it at market value. Therefore, the best way is to process gas into other products, in this case the sponge iron» — such opinion was expressed by Bahador Abramian, one of the members of the local steel producers ' Association. Due to significant reserves of minerals that Iran will be able to consolidate a leadership position in the steel industry.

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