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The Chinese company will continue work on the program "southern aluminum"

10 January 2017

«Nonferrous Metal Industry''s Foreign Engineering and Construction» (NFC) will takepartinthe nextstage ofthe project «southernaluminum». Soon will begin the second phase of the Iranian program. The offer was made during a meeting of representatives of the parties.

The Chinese company, NFC now working on the first phase of the project. However, the Iranians hope to sign a fifteen-year contract with the Chinese Corporation. The purpose of the contract — production of bauxite in aluminium for specialized companies in Iran. Presentwhether the NFC has also expressed interest in strengthening partnerships. Vice-President of the Chinese company Keli Zhang said, for the Iranian project use the best equipment.

In addition, recently the Chinese company has already announced the transfer of production technologies. Primarily this relates to the manufacture of ingots of aluminum. Regarding the statement said the Vice President of the Nonferrous Metal Industry''s Foreign Engineering and Construction: «given the success of the Chinese production in the mining industry, NFC will give upgraded technology to Iran». It is expected that after the introduction of Chinese technology, Iran will be able to minimize the energy consumption. In addition, the Chinese side hopes for cooperation in the extraction of metals. Apart from that, the Asian, the Corporation intends to provide support in designing structures desalination. The construction of facilities will take place, primarily, in the Central part of the country. First of all we are talking about the Kerman province.

Nonferrous Metal Industry''s Foreign Engineering and Construction has done serious research in Iran. According to the experts Iran has significant reserves of minerals. It gives you the right to talk about the long cooperation between China and Iran in the field of development of deposits.

NFC is engaged in the mining and manufacturing specialized machinery since 1983. The company works on projects in China and abroad. For today the company already has a large number of completed projects around the world. NFC worked on the construction of mines, factories, and intelligence fields. The Chinese Corporation has in its Arsenal of manufacturing technologies and capacity.

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