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The U.S. could face a lack of qualified specialists in metallurgy

25 December 2016

Statements of the newly elected head of the White house — Donald trump give rise to new problems. The intention is to modernize the infrastructure of the country may face a shortage of qualified professionals. This forecast was voiced by American columnist for Reuters by Richard Cowan.

It is expected that Congress will approve the proposal announced by trump during the election campaign. New President aims to restore the jobs of several hundred thousand workers. They were dismissed because of job cuts during the recession experts. For example, the construction industry needs a two hundred thousand professionals. According to statistics cited by Reuters, the figure is eighty-one percent higher than two years ago. Data were obtained from the National Association of home builders.

During fluctuations in the economy, the US industry has faced a number of problems. Particularly hard hit by the crisis has affected the employees of heavy industry. In 2014, the manufacturing sector lost about a quarter of all employees. However, hope for the return of dismissed workers is not necessary. Most of them have already found work in other fields. According to the majority dismissed settled on contract service in the U.S. army. And the rest former workers of the metallurgy found work in trade and services.

The American company could hope for immigrant labor. But this raises a number of problems. Companies don’t want to waste time and money on training. As for this work claim mainly illegal immigrants. And given their uncertain future these people will lose a significant part of the funds.

Recall that Donald trump has repeatedly expressed its negative opinion about illegal immigrants. According to trump, he intends to tighten immigration policy. And expel anyone who is illegally in the United States.

Metallurgical companies intend to compensate for the lack of manpower is still unknown. We should not exclude that two hundred thousand vacant places, after all, will have to compensate foreign labor.

While the steel industry the United States is actively restored. With regard to infrastructure — it has long been in need of modernization.

Washington has not commented on a possible crisis in the industry.

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