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Last month, steel production in the world increased by five percent compared to last year

26 December 2016

World steel Association has published data on steel production for November. According to sixty-six countries participating for the last month amounted to 132,5 million tons. The figure is five percent higher than the November figure for the previous year. With the beginning of the year for eleven months of increased by almost half a percent. In General, in the world during the aforementioned period has been boiled half a billion tons of steel.

In the European Union in November, the production of steel increased by 2.5 percent. As for figures — European steelmakers have produced nearly fourteen million tons of steel. The first place among the European countries occupied Germany. Despite the fact that in November last year, the figure fell 4.2 percent. Over the same period this year, the Germans produced 3.3 million tons. Among other European leaders in the production of steel Association called Turkey. Here production has increased to 3.1 million tons, or by 12.3 percent.

As for CIS, the total number of steel amounted to eight and a half million. Most steel produced in Russia — 5.9 million tons. In the CIS countries, the production growth amounted to 4.2 percent relative to 2015.

In North America in November of this year produced 8.8 million steel. The percentage increase was 6.5 percent. A leader in the region were the United States with 6.2 million metric tons. Almost seven percent more than last year.

South America showed an increase of 8.1 percent. In General, all countries of the continent produced 3.1 million steel.

African States showed an increase of 7.2 percent. Here was produced just over one million tons of steel.

World leader in steel production is Asia. Here a total of 91 produced ton of steel. Figure 4.7 percent above November 2015.

As a percentage the greatest growth shown by countries in the Middle East, the increase was 44 percent. It was smelted 2.5 million tons of steel.

Production growth demonstrated Oceania 8.5 percent. In November in the region produced 513 thousand tons.

Globally, steel production increased by two and a half percent.

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