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Liberty house is closer than ever to buying mining and metallurgical company

23 December 2016

British company Liberty Hous passed to the next stage of bidding for the sale of the mining company. The news became known from the head of Liberty — Sanjeev Gupta.

The auction is held in Dubai, on sale Australian company Arrium. Once the former division of the Corporation HP Billiton. Corporation — one of the leaders in the production of steel and iron ore.

The British company has ambitious plans for the Australian company. Because mill takes primacy over the export of iron ore. The British are hoping to produce steel in Australia and smuggle it to England.

Arrium declared bankruptcy in 2016. A year earlier, the company announced a loss of almost two billion dollars. Prior to this, the company annually produced twelve tons of iron ore. And was released about three tons of finished steel products. The company has provided jobs for more than ten thousand people. The structure of Arrium is based on two units. The first provides products to Australian businesses. The second is responsible for the international delivery of the products.

Apparently, the British company believes high hopes for the possible acquisition. Gupta is confident that Australia has huge potential. Commenting on the intention to buy the product, the head of Liberty house, said: «We hope that Australia, without a doubt, will become a generator of steel. After all, this country is endowed with the best resources on the planet.»

Liberty Hous owns assets around the world. And, according to the company’s management, metallurgical Empire will continue to expand. At the same time, Liberty house known as energy generating company. The company therefore intends to carry out the production of steel in electric arc furnaces.

The Australian company is not the only object that in the near future intend to purchase the British. Until the end of the week Liberty Hous intend to enter into another transaction for the purchase. English, the company acquired several aluminum smelters, Rio Tinto and Scotland. Thanks to this acquisition, Liberty want to provide the raw material for the manufacture of car wheels made of aluminium.

Purchase the British Corporation talking about the intention to create a closed production cycle within the company. The more that Liberty house has announced its plan to increase production on the territory of Albion. Payments for five years, the company will increase production in the sector of ferrous metallurgy five tons.

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