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Director of JSC "Severstal" made a report about prospects of modern technologies in metallurgy

21 December 2016

The thirteenth of December, at the world economic forum in Moscow was made by Aleksey Mordashov, Director of Severstal. The presentation took place during the plenary session. Where the theme was the new industrial revolution and the role of the leader enterprises.

The leaders of the metallurgical enterprises, trying to anticipate the development of industry in the future. All the participants came to the conclusion that transformation in the steel industry are directly dependent on cultural change. Its traces are visible in the society and in the workplace.

The head of Severstal, said: «Modern production has to adapt to the flexibility and speed of the modern world. Machines can’t provide, because they are created by people and work for people. We believe that the main task of business in modern conditions is the development of a new corporate culture. It should be based on certain values, which should adapt the business to new challenges.»

Alexey Mordashov is confident that the new wave of the industrial revolution poses new challenges to society and business.

The head of the company is sure that more important is the development of flat structures of the organization. The example was given the experience of the Russian company. They have simplified from nine to five management levels of the enterprise from the CEO to the employee. Mordashov convinced of the need for changes in approach to education. He is convinced that in the modern world the main educational venue should be the factories themselves.

Metallurgy added to the traditional industries, Director of PJSC sure there is a place for development. Is to develop a remote control, optimization of stocks, increasing the efficiency of employees. Experts estimate the proposed innovation in one hundred fifteen billion dollars.

«Today it is important not to speculate about the future and make efforts for its development. To secure the production important to be „on the wave of“ new technologies», — said Mordashov.

The company «Severstal» is actively implementing innovative technologies. Now testing technology predictive intelligence hardware and work with «big data» etc.

From Russia at the plenary session were made by the Minister of communications Nikolay Nikiforov. Chairman of the event was assigned to Murat Sönmez member of the Board of the world economic forum.

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