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The managers of iron and steel corporations made their demands

27 October 2016

On the eve of the European Council, the heads of the most influential and metallurgical corporations with the support of industry associations Eurofet, put forward a number of requirements aimed at the optimization of the industry, and the preservation of its power in the proper form.

Metallurgists demanded to limit the volume of rental imported into the European Union and impede its importation, these measures will help to preserve jobs, at the expense of investors. According to metallurgists, the only significant change in the job change of the steel market in the region is able to preserve the competitiveness of European manufacturers.

In General, metallurgists cover the three most important issues for the sector. Workers demand that the EU and the United States jointly defined the time of China’s accession to the WTO that, in fact. Such a move would mean shifting the appointment to a 01.12.2016, the date of entry of the DPRK into the organization indefinitely. Delay to give China the status of market economy in fact will give time to address issues aimed at improving the mechanisms of European metallurgy.

Metallurgists, also demanded to amend the legislation of the European Union is able to protect manufacturers from dumping the domestic market. The letter is available to learn from the US experience, when the evidence of dumping provided by the suppliers — as today, in accordance with the European legislation the fact of dumping is proved by European manufacturers. In addition, according to the authors, should reduce the time compensation antidempengovye investigations into the dumping.

The letter stated, and that should remove the rule that antidempengovye rate may not exceed dempingovali margin. And here again metallurgists propose to refer to the American practice, when the fees established by the Ministry of trade amount to several hundred percent of the customs value.

Another requirement concerns the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Because in 2020 the quota will be paid Steelworkers requested not to tighten measures for their industry. As today the limits are the minimum limits of work for production workers demand to equate European and other manufacturers, and to regulate the price of emissions according to method of steel production, not by place of manufacture.

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