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The DPRK continues to lead among importers of steel

30 October 2016

For anybody not a secret that North Korea has been claiming to be the leader in the import of metallurgical products in the global market. So, according to a report submitted to the twenty-eighth of October in Beijing by the Chinese Association of iron and steel (CISA) presented the exports from the people’s Republic of China for the period from January to September this year rose 2.4 percent compared with the same period last year. The magnitude of the volume of steel sold peaked at eighty-five million tons.

The main consumers of Chinese steel products are the countries of the Asian region. The Chairman of the CISA van Yangcheng noted that in connection with toughening of measures on imports from the European Union and regional initiatives in infrastructure projects, and Asia, shipments to the Eastern markets will grow at an accelerated pace.

The Association placed emphasis on the fact that the rising trade tensions, the majority of metallurgical Corporation of China began to implement the practice of direct sales, thus sellers can get a more comprehensive range of information directly from the buyer. Practice bypass sales agents, indicates a positive trend of sales growth of the Chinese steel.

In addition, the present report States that during this period increased the number of antidumping investigations against Chinese steel supply and today they have thirty-eight. In order to insure the global economy, from price wars when supply will exceed demand in Association propose to interfere with the authorities of the people’s Republic of China and at the legislative level to limit steel production in the fourth quarter. Another factor can lower the pressure on the global economy of the DPRK, may be a slight increase in domestic demand projected in the next quarter.

For the world market the metallurgical industry, such a boost sales of Chinese products facing heavy losses as prices for the commodity producers of the region is much lower, for example the European. Like last year, the records of Chinese imports threaten to cause a collapse in prices and record losses for major corporations. The preservation of marked growth, promise the world’s largest economy positive growth.

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