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Corporate executives need to adopt restrictive measures

25 October 2016

The EU leaders received an open letter from representatives of the largest metallurgical companies in Europe. Their appeal was supported by the regional industry Association Eurofer. The letter was written before the European Council. It was discussed about the need for proper selection, aimed at the prosperity of the steel industry. You need to invest in the sector continued, which will keep the operating points. Head of metallurgical corporations are literally required to carry out the measures aimed at significant changes in the regional steel market. According to leaders of companies need to significantly impede the import of products to EU and to limit its volume.

A letter written by the metallurgists of Europe, touches on three main topics. We are talking about granting China the status of a country with market economy. Under the terms of China’s accession to WTO, the event is automatically implemented 01.12.2016 year. However, the letter is a requirement for the status according to the joint decision of the EU and the USA. Actually this measure will lead to the postponement, the period of which is uncertain. The second requirement was the implementation of the reform of the EU legislation concerning protection against dumping of the internal market. According to the authors, should significantly reduce the timing of countervailing, anti-dumping investigations. The methodology of such investigations should be as close to the American model. Today it is the European participants prove the fact of dumping. The letter serves to demand evidence from suppliers. They should provide evidence that the product is not dumping, not subsidized by the government.

It is also proposed to remove the rule laid down in the WTO regarding the «small fee». According to him, the amount of anti-dumping tariff should not exceed the dumping margin established in the investigation. The authors in this issue propose to take for example the method of US. U.S. Commerce Department sets the fees, which reach up to several hundred percent of the valueestablished by customs.

Another requirement is that the quotas for throwing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In 2020 they will be paid. The authors of the letter asked not to tighten limits metallurgists. To date, the issue reduced to a technologically acceptable limits. Or it is necessary to equalize the conditions for European and other manufacturers. The size of the cost for emissions should be regulated in the method of production of steel. Place of production should not matter.

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