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In the Khabarovsk region will Malmyzhskogo field development

4 April 2016

According to some sources, the government is going to allow for the development of Malmyzhskogo field. Large copper -gold asset located in the Khabarovsk Territory. Applicant for the development of a «Amur Minerals.» The company is a joint venture of American and Canadian companies. Freeport-McMoRan, the United States, owns a 49% stake. Accordingly IG Copper, Canada, 51%. As for the deposit, it is included in the list of federal significance. Because, although the «Amur Minerals» and is a pioneer development could be banned by the government. Investments that the joint venture plans to make to the development of the project amount to 1.5 bln. USD. However, this amount will be invested with the assistance of the co-investors. However, experts in this perspective are somewhat skeptical.

According to sources, there is a letter Kiselev, head Rosneder. It reports about the imminent receipt of «Amur Minerals» permission from the Russian government. In accordance with the joint venture acquired the rights for exploration and production of copper, gold and associated deposits components. The investments of «Amur Minerals» in field exploration, amounted to about 1 billion. RUB.

The Company initiated exploration Malmyzhskoy ore zone in 2006. She also became a pioneer of the field. Last year, the State Reserves Committee approved the mine assets. Stocks of copper up 5.6 mln. Tons, 9.8 million gold. Oz. Malmyzhskoe field is considered one of the largest metals vaults, explored in 2015. However, such a scale could easily play with «Amur Minerals» a cruel joke. Existing assets are automatically entered in the field is a list of federal significance. To do this, it would be quite a bit more than 500,000 tons of copper and 50 tons of gold. In accordance with the law of access to such facilities may be limited to foreign investors the government R. F. To date, however, the situation is going well for investors.

Since last year, the «Amur Minerals» actively promotes the project. In October 2015 IG Copper Development Fund and the Far East and Trans-Baikal was signed. It stipulates financial consulting. Representatives of the «Amur Minerals» suggest that investment in the project will amount to about 1.5 billion. USD. Extraction approval is received, now it's looking for co-investors. They will begin after the preparation of the feasibility study.

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