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Imported in the US reduced the volume of steel products

2 April 2016

US authorities have published the preliminary data of Statistics. According to them in February this year, the volume of imports into the country fell. During the month shipments reached 2.01 million. Tons. This is lower than the January results by 16.5%. Compared to February 2015 figures were down 40.5%. In total for January and February to 4.4 mln. Tons of imported rolled, semi-finished products were imported. Compared with the same period of 2015 the result was reduced by 40%. Purchase of semi-finished products at the same time decreased by 66% compared to January-February 2015. This reduction affected the basic segments of the US steel market. The exception was the steel framework, steel wire, sheet metal and metal products. Compared with the same period last year in this area there is a small increase in performance.

American Iron & Steel Institute has provided its own data. According to them, the average monthly volume of deliveries of steel plate increased during December-February. The comparison was carried out relative to September and November 2015. The main decline in the US imported products came in autumn 2015. It was at this moment in the United States there was a sharp decline in the cost of rental. Also significantly reduced the demand for pipe products. Thus began the initiation of countervailing, anti-dumping investigations. They touched on galvanized steel, hot rolled and cold Coil.

At the beginning of 2016 the largest supplier to the United States is South Korea. South Korean manufacturers exported to the country 558,000 tons of pipes and rolled products in January-February 2016. However, this figure more than twice below last year's result of the same period. Deliveries of Russian producers have reached 129000 tonnes. In January-February 2015, the index reached the level exceeding 355000 tons. in the amount of exports could increase only Vietnam and Australia. In December and February the volume of imported products increased more Vietnamese than fourfold. A comparison was made with the September-November 2015. As for the Australian supply, the number had increased to 10 times. In January-February 2016 the country's first hit in the list of leading suppliers of steel products to the United States.

Dissatisfaction with US producers and sent to other countries. In particular, we are talking about Turkey and South Korea. Apparently the use of anti-dumping and countervailing measures will continue.

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