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Galvanized welded wire mesh

5 April 2016

The construction sector is widely used lightweight mesh. Their use will save costs in the manufacture of structures, which are not intended for concentrated loads. Such a grid is laid in soft roofing covering, flooring. They are also used for the production platforms, stairs, pavements. If we talk about the brick or block walls, welded wire mesh is placed in the corners. They are placed at the points of abutment walls. Mesh nodes are also used in combination crosspieces and beams.

Galvanized welded mesh, roll, made ​​of low-carbon wire. Its length is at issue is 50 meters. Product Development is carried out on a lot of contact spot welding automatic lines. The strength of the product during use depends on the mesh size, the diameter of the rod. In the design of structures in accordance with the purpose of production parameters are taken into account:

The wire may have a diameter of 1.6 mm and 1.8 mm.

The cell size is 25 m 25×25×50 m, 50 m x 50, 50×75 meters.

The height of the product is 0.2−1.8 m.

As protection products are used zinc coating. Zinc is produced in the process of grid production. A layer of zinc increases the anti-corrosion characteristics. It makes the product more aesthetic in appearance, increases the operational life. Further improvement of the technical specifications made by coating the surface of the polymer. On galvanized mesh extrusion are color PVC resin.

The positive qualities of the product include ease of use, transportation and installation. The mesh can be used in a factory to use for the production of certain structural elements. Products resistant to mechanical stress and certain atmospheric phenomena. The galvanized coating resists moisture, adverse effects of gas and acidity.

Usually the grid is used as walling. At the same time it is well provides access of air, light. The mesh is widely used in the agricultural sector. The structure of the product is combined well with plastic, metal, concrete, wood. Fine-mesh galvanized products with polymer coating is used as fencing areas. Mesh used on sports fields, cottages, car parks and other areas. It provides ample opportunities for a clear indication of the limits.

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