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Motronovsky mine will be built by 2017

6 March 2016

Anyway, that’s how the company assesses the situation Group DF. Of course, her representatives confirmed that the construction of the plant has slowed. However, they are hoping that the final result will fit into the schedule. In accordance with the completion of construction works will be in the end of 2017. Motronovsky GOK included in the titanium business activities Group DF. He belongs to a special permit. It involves the extraction of sands containing zircon, rutile, ilmenite on Motronovsko-Annovskiy mine. The site belongs to Malyshevskoe deposit, located in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Not long ago, the media talked about the forced outage in which workers were sent to the GOK. There was talk about the risk of redundancies due to the suspension of construction Motronovskogo plant. Director of the company, Alexander Laznikov, highlighted the situation. According to him, part of the workers went to a paid vacation. Unfortunately, the pace of construction work fell. To date, the project is carried out for their own investments. Cheap credit resources to pull it is impossible. Is to blame the global crisis, the decline of Ukrainian industrial production. And in the eastern conflict makes itself felt. Thus, the project involves increasing the term at this stage. But it is hoped that the difficulties encountered temporary.

In general terms the implementation have not changed. The construction work involved 9 companies-contractors. It is about 250−300 jobs. Successful implementation of the project will ensure the emergence of additional operating points. Their number is expected to reach 1.5 thousand. As for the project itself, its main goal — building a career. That there will be extraction of sand. Also processing complex will be built. It will be focused on the production of concentrates rutile, ilmenite and zirconium. To date, investment in the project amounted to more than 115.7 million. USD. The annual capacity is being built careers will be 2.7 million. M3 of raw materials. Product release is slated for IVkvartal 2017. To complete the work necessary to pour in the project about 186.7 million. USDna for 4−5 years. It is planned that the company will be able to annually produce ilmenite concentrate in the range of 120 000 tonnes. Development of zircon concentrate will be 14 000 tonnes, rutile concentrate — of 20 000 tonnes.

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