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On the International Day of March 8, 2016

7 March 2016

With the arrival of spring come alive nature, blossom first flowers, cheerful and loud the birds sing. And, of course, we are preparing to celebrate Women’s Day. We’ve learned that on March 8 men give flowers lovely ladies, often the usual compliments say, indulge the whims of sweet and forgiving all unintentional injury. In today’s world, this date has become a tradition on the origins of which few people remember. However, prior to its appearance of the events were very serious and significant.

It began as a struggle for the weak creatures equal rights with the opposite sex. It was March 8, back in 1857, calls for resistance took shape in the first demonstration in New York, which brought together toiler shoe factories and garment factories. The requirements were simple and clear — the reduction of the working day to ten hours, better working conditions and higher wages to the same level as men. Considering that in those days women had to work 16 hours for a measly penny, resentment and a desire to change the situation is unlikely to cause a surprise. Much more surprising is that the rebel managed to get his.

It was then that began to appear the first trade unions supporting workers' rights. Perhaps, for the resistance of women in those days modern men also should be grateful. After all, trade unions act today. But back to our holiday. In 1910, Copenhagen was held International Conference of Socialist Women. It Clara Zetkin made a proposal on the official celebration of the 8th of March. And it was a kind of appeal to all women to combine their own forces in the fight for equality.

except Russia did not, in 1913, the International Women’s Day was marked in Petersburg. In 1914, at the beginning of March, a wave of demonstrations across Europe, where the women were opposed to the war. In 1917, a demonstration was repeated in Russia, slogans urged to give «bread and peace». Under Soviet rule, the holiday gained the status of the state, is no longer considered a working day since 1965. Gradually political color has come to «no», but the holiday itself remained. What, however, happy to not only weak defenseless women, but also their strengths satellites. It’s so nice to care, support and help. However, as to accept it. Congratulations, our lovely, beautiful girls and women. We wish you love and patience, health and well-being, happiness, and fulfillment of all desires.

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