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Australia will conduct an investigation into Chinese imports

1 March 2016

Christopher Pyne, the Minister of Industry, Innovation and Science Australia, said future investigations. Country anti-dumping committee plans large-scale action. It will affect the import of Chinese steel products. Also, the investigation will affect the volume of imported aluminum from China, Korea and Taiwan. The decision will be based on a report prepared by the division of Anti-Dumping Information Service. The newly created ADIS analyze noticed cases of dumping and export subsidies. There will also be considered circumvention of Asian manufacturers of existing restrictions on aluminum and steel. Evaluation of anti-dumping duties would affect the present. After the analysis will be offered decisions regarding restraint of trade malicious.

Presumably the investigation will be completed in early April 2016. At the same time, the report will be made public units. The collected of the material will serve as an impetus for the implementation of the next phase of the anti-dumping reform in the country. The first phase was implemented in 2015. The result was a strengthening of sanctions against foreign companies. This refers to companies who do not want to cooperate with the National Anti-dumping Committee. Also in 2015 the Commission created a new sub-sections. Support mechanism has been improved national companies affected by imports at a reduced cost. The second stage will be prevented from bypassing the prescribed fees. This refers to cases in which the company to which the sanctioned immaterial change the specification of the goods.

According to Christopher Pyne, about 80% of anti-dumping proceedings affecting the production of steel or aluminum. Australian manufacturers are damage as a result of increasing competition from Asian suppliers. In mid-month national company Arrium announced the impending closure. The reason was the high financial losses Whyalla metallurgical plant. Its annual production capacity reaches 1.3 mln. Tons. The main products — rails of billets, long products. Now the government of South Australia is trying to avoid bankruptcy of the enterprise. The possibility of redemption Whyalla debt of $ 60 million. USD.

Anti-dumping Commission of Australia is today considered the most rigid structure among her kind. There currently are more than 40 anti-dumping measures. However, Christopher Pyne believes that the need to further tighten the measures taken.

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